New City Academy

Courses that help you understand the truth of the Bible so that you can grow as an equipped follower of Jesus.

Equipping Disciple Makers

We are created to live a God-glorifying purpose that transforms us and our world. Living in a postmodern world can make this difficult, but God calls us to be disciples who serve him with passion and purpose. We can do this by understanding the message that God is speaking to us through the Bible.

New City Academy provides learning environments to equip disciple makers through training in biblical truth, character development, and practical ministry skills to help people find and follow Jesus.

Upcoming Academy Courses

Academy course offered in June 2024.

Academy – Discovering the Gospel
This 4-week course will take a look at the gospel described from Genesis to Revelation and help us see how it transforms every aspect of our lives.

Course Archive

Our archive is a free resource for everyone, offering a variety of courses on different aspects of the Bible, from introductory studies to more in-depth examinations of specific topics. Whether you are a new Christian or a longtime believer, the archive has something to offer everyone.

Meet The Team


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Course Highlight: Flourish

Flourish is an opportunity for women to find and follow Jesus through the study of scripture in community.  In 2023-2024, A Life of Influence: Ruth & Esther will take a deep dive into these books to help us discover how our trust in Jesus can lead us to lives of influence.