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Flourish–None Like Him
Flourish, New City Academy's Bible Study for Women, looked at our limitations in light of God's unlimited presence and capabilities.
Academy – Reimagining Work
Our calling as believers is to have our relationship with Jesus shape and infiltrate every part of our lives, including our work—and Scripture has a lot to say about it.
Academy – Thinking Biblically
This 5-week course walked through key biblical principles that help to shape your understanding of who God is, who we are, and the forces that are creating havoc in the world around you.
Old Testament Redemptive History 2023-2024
In our Old Testament Redemptive History course, New City Academy participants will begin to learn God's story by looking at how the Old Testament points us forward to God's plan for redemption in Jesus.
New Testament Redemptive History 2023-2024
In our New Testament Redemptive History course, participants who have completed the Old Testament course continue to move forward in God's story to the coming Messiah and the growth of the Church.
Discovering Jesus 2022-2024
Who is Jesus? This question is foundational to our faith, and a great place to start if you're trying to get a handle on basic Christianity.
Flourish: A Life of Influence – Esther
Flourish, a Bible study for women, will dive into the books of Ruth and Esther in A Life of Influence.